SNYP Fix-It Tickets Sold at C.A.T.S.


snyp-logo_wtag-wphoneHelping kind-hearted heroes fix rescued cats.

Our partners at Spay/Neuter Your Pet (SNYP) encourage the rescue of stray and abandoned tame cats by providing discounted spay/neuter assistance through their Fix-It Ticket program. 

The cost for a SNYP Fix-It Ticket is $25 for either a spay or neuter. 

Thanks to an arrangement with C.A.T.S., you can purchase the SNYP Fix-It Ticket certificates at our shelter during regular business hours. Any kind-hearted person who has rescued a stray or abandoned tame cat is eligible to purchase a SNYP Fix-IT Ticket.

Once you purchase a SNYP Fix-It Ticket, just call one of the participating veterinarians listed on the back of the certificate to make your spay or neuter appointment. When making your appointment, please be sure to mention you have a SNYP Fix-It Ticket.


Cats must be tame. If you need assistance with feral (wild) cats click here.


Get the facts

Pet Overpopulation is the number one killer of dogs and cats in the United States. In Jackson County cat overpopulation continues to be a huge ongoing problem.

Each year an estimated ten million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are put to death in our nation’s animal shelters as a method of population control. The majority of these animals were young, healthy and adoptable. In addition, millions of abandoned pets and feral cats suffer on the street as they attempt to survive on their own.

How can you help prevent pet overpopulation?


The Answer: spay/neuter your pets!


Facts about cats…

  • A female cat can begin breeding as young as 4 months old.
  • A female cat can become pregnant while still nursing.
  • One unaltered female cat and her off-spring can produce over 370,000 cats in only 7 years.



Spay/Neuter Help

Contact our partners at Spay/Neuter Your Pet for spay/neuter referral and assistance programs and services.



Cat with head tilted indoors. Cat is looking at camera.